Anyone know about i-Money Crypto (IMC)

So a friend of mine keeps wanting me to sign up for World Crypto Life which is biased off the IMC coin (an ERC20 token). It looks pretty “sketch” and almost like a pyramid scheme to get people to join World Crypto Life (WCL). Apparently by joining WCL you get a coin called G-Point which is tied 1:1 to the dollar and can be spent on a Bank of America (BoA) Credit Card, and can buy IMC at a discount. When you sign others up you get more G-Point to spend but that seems like the only benefit that I can determine it has. Anyone else know anything about it?

Any updates on this one? I was approached and just don’t feel 100% about it,

No I feel the same way.

I don’t like that the rewards are in a coin tied to Fiat. Fiat is worth less and less every day where crypto is, most likely, worth more and more each day (when Ellon get his nose out of the space). I also don’t like that you have to sign others up to earn rewards. I don’t want to have to sell a product. If the product is good it will sell its self. Plus you have to pay $100 a year to use the BoA G-Point card.

If the product is good, it will sell itself. Also, you have to pay $100 a year to use the BoA G-Point card.

Honestly, I don’t know much about it, but my friend subscribed to World Crypto Life and wants me to do it too. I do not know whether to subscribe. What do you think about subscribing? It’s just that he knows I’m a pretty gambling person. I only play online casinos on fancy platforms where the payouts are good, like here . He knows I play at online casinos and always tells me about cryptocurrency. He says it’s not only a gambling way to make money but also stable. Everything depends not only on luck but also on yourself.

In fact, cryptocurrency activity is very similar to casino gambling, as there is risk in both. I love taking risks, which is why my life is never ordinary. Now I want to start earning with the help of casinos. Many people discourage me from it, but I decided to start this business. I downloaded roulette and began to study the principle of its work. It was enough for me a few weeks to have my first income and now I do not need an official job. I hope people will support my idea and maybe follow it.

IMC is a real utility token from WY USA for global everyday life, supported by real e-commerce communities such as the G Point community. IMC is the first Blockchain solution on the market that offers a marketplace for goods and services where merchants can pay their vendors in G points that can be converted to IMC. This is certainly interesting, but lately, my friends and I have been getting into online gambling. You can also in joe fortune casino play free. People who like money very much will definitely like it.

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