Anyone experience with BSI indicator?

Does anyone here have experience with Ivan’s BSI indicator?

I’m especially interested in the accuracy of the TA indicator for different time frames.

Has anyone used it to automate trade using TradingView notifications and a third party platform such as 3commas?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi MCR, I’m using the BSI now but still lack the experience to comment.
Volatility, Trends, Patterns, Volume, portray the emotions of the herd in the market at that time. I just completed the TA course with Chris Bailey, just absolutely fabulous! I now think that I must build a strategy that’s specific for each trade at any given time…one size doesn’t fit all.
I am still trying to see how the BSI and Volume portrays market sentiment. The BSI does track nicely as Ivan shows daily.
Man, it’s a steep learning curve!
Any thoughts an trading strategy?

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Hey guys!
I am also a new BSI user and now it is the first time the short term turned bearish.
Very interesting if this combo of TA+Onchain analysis will show real picture.

Let’s keep this thread live, sharing the experience of BSI performance.

What other assest except BTC are you tracking with BSI?

Hi @MCR77,

I was also thinking of setting up BSI indicator signals for short term trend closes on let’s say 8 hour or daily time frames.

E.g. when the candle closes and the short trend shifted sell/buy and vice versa.

Have you already put your thoughts into practice?

I think we can elaborate much more on this here in this forum.


hi everyone!
I’ve been wanting to see Ivan’s BSI in action, but for now, i thought Id share my resources that i utilize to do my own on-chain analysis:
-follow whale alert on twitter for large movements of crypto held by whales
-use cryptoquant (and follow CEO Ki Young Ju on twitter)
-use glassnode
-altcoin/btc season index
-use coinmarketcal to check any info on coin/token listings, and other news