An alternative to python-tutor debugger?

Hi all,
during the course the teacher Nagy Zsolt showed this super-useful debugger Python Tutor ( in order to find some error in the code or simply visually see how the code works. I use it a lot and and found it really useful. Sometimes as soon as long become longer it doesn’t work due to some restrictions in the code length. I am kindly asking if someone knows an alternative to this debugger. I tried to use CodePen or Sandbox but they don’t show visually the process but only the return result. I tried a search but I cannot find nothing useful. Thanks a lot in advance if someone found something. Regards

Hi @Andreadede

You can also use vs code app to debug code. You have to install the required extensions for your programming language.

If you are looking for an online tool you can use the vscode web app.

Hope this helps

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Hi John,
Many thanks for your advice.
Tomorrow I’ll try install this Vs extension and try it.
Thanks again for the help
Have a good day

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