Am I really so stupid? What am I doing so wrong?

I would like to create dapps with Moralis.
As the prerequisite is JavaScript I took this course.
I was doing this course very well until I went to JavaScript and the DOM and Asynchronous Programming because I was watching videos from these chapters and imagine this I understood nothing.
Am I really so stupid? What is wrong with me? What am I doing so wrong?
also I tired:create DEX on Moralis YT and I could not because beside I was doing the sam as Filip I did not see the same result at my screen.

By the way in school times I was honored for 8 years in a row in international Kangaroo math competition. So I know something about problem solving, math and logic. And I am not telling it to brag but to show you that in real I am not stupid.

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Any advise will be appreciated.

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You might just want to catch the knowledge of all previous lessons, reaching to DOM and Async programming means you already understand the basics of JS, but if its not the case, i advice to rewatch the lessons before those.

Carlos Z

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hey @Kacper im not 100% sure but i think the video on the YT for the dex that filip does can be followed along with as easiley any more because i think there has been changes to the moralis 1inch api since then. secondly dont feel stupid tht u dont get much on the DOM topic in the JS course, this kind of information is just a “nice to know” and more theoretical you will not actually need to know too much on this when actually coding in JS. just keep trying and u will breakthrough eventually it happens to every ebentually, it just takes time and persevernce

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Thank you very much for your kind response.
I after this post I went to freeCodeCamp on youtube and were studing from there and it really helped me.

I see that I just need more practice to assimilate the knowledge.

What courses do you recommend for React and for MongoDB?

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Why on allow us to create only 1 server and 3 server for paid mambers?
Is 3 really enough?
what if I would like to follow Moralis web3 youtube channel and build lots of Dapps?
I would need to delete that I just built to build new. - then nobody will be able to use them


Don’t know why my “assets” folder is not recognized by Visual Studio Code and my “metamask_login.png” is not read on any browser.

Where should I look into?