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@thecil In the "Ethereum Game Programming" course @Ivan mentions we need to go over “Airdrops” as one of the pre-requisites…but I can’t seem to find anything on Airdrops. Where can I find this training?

i think they deleted that section, i searched for it but nothing


Probably it was part of an earlier version of the course. Anyway, moving forward with the current course content, you don’t need to dive into ‘Airdrops’.
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Hey @thecil – actually this is a topic that interests me quite a bit. Will you be offering a course on Airdrops anytime soon?

So to be clear, I am interested in Social Tokens, so I am not quite clear if Airdrops can have the same functionality. Can you clarify?

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Could be in a future, but nothing official now, although we are always looking for to build amazing courses, so could be that in a near future, we have one dedicated to it! :nerd_face:

Airdrops is not the same than social tokens, an airdrop is just a method used by decentralized protocols to distribute a token that will do something inside the protocol, taking the example of uniswap: their tokens its for the governance of the platform (DAO), same as FORTH token: governance for AMPL.

But a token can be what ever you design it for, while the airdrop is a way to distribute the funds over the participants of the platform when this token is released.

PD: There was no airdrop section for this course, maybe just ivan confuse the terms or idea back those time, still the course can be completed without it.
(maybe back those airdrops days, he just had the idea in mind, but applying an airdrop to this course project is just creating a token with the functionality for it)

Example, you can check this basic token contract which have a claimToken functionality, which will airdrop you 10 tokens once.

Hope this helps. :nerd_face:

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@thecil sure does. Thank you so much!!!

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