【Advise Me】How to be DeFi developer

Hello. I wrote 3 things here:“My Goals”,“My Current Situation”, and “What I Plan To Do To Achieve Them”,so I hope you’ll read this and let me know if there’s anything I can do to improve.

■My Goals

Get a developer job on an interesting DeFi project that pays more than 50$/hour.

■My Current Situation

I’m a developer at two blockchain companies. I’m working as a Project Manager to fix the front-end and create a stabilizer for stablecoin, so I have knowledge of React.js,Solidity and DeFi.

■What I Plan To Do To Achieve Them

①Development Goal

Creating portfolio

・To create portfolio,

React: Moralis course

React Web Development 101 Course - Moralis Academy

Solidity: Moralis course

Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 201 Course - Moralis Academy
Ethereum Smart Contract Security Course - Moralis Academy
Ethereum 101 Course - Moralis Academy

②DeFi Goal

Apply to 3 companies that I am confident will grow.

Upload a video on youtube explaining the three projects (and put it in my portfolio)

Build my knowledge to determine if they are great projects

Learning on Moralis Academy & Other media

DeFi 101 - Old Version Course - Moralis Academy
DeFi 201 Course - Moralis Academy

Binance Academy

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Hey @tomosuke, hope you are well.

Welcome to our amazing community, hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
Before jumping into DeFi, I advice to take Ethereum 101 & the new DeFi 101 course.

To become a DeFi developer, i advice you to take mainly all our Solidity Smart contracts, starting with programming 101 & 201 to learn the basics of it.

Then, you can jump into our DeFi 201 course, is a little bit old (we are working on a new version of this course), but it will still teach you so many basics from tricks for solidity, like using interfaces properly, require conditions and interacting with multiple contracts.

Now I do believe that a Blockchain Programmers also requires to make a Dapp prototype, does not have to be perfect, nor pretty, but must be functional, just to show the proper functionality of some of the features of the contract with a dapp.

Hope this help, see you over the courses :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

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