Academy Feedback Category

I can’t seem to find a forum category for Academy Feedback. There should be one! I have some ideas, which I could just email but there’s no way to know if they’ve already been discussed. A public forum category would allow everyone to see the suggestions and comment on them.

For feedback that involves feature requests perhaps there could be a special section for those that implements some kind of upvote feature to identify the most desired features. This info could be used to prioritize the top requested features.

  • For example I would upvote the “Certificates issued on the blockchain” feature! (as I’ve seen this suggested before)
  • I would create a new feature request for achievements like “Completed at least 1 lesson per day for X days in a row” and/or “completed X lessons in Y days”… these are more meaningful achievements for the academy than just “logged in” as they require actual progress to complete

I also wonder if it’s possible to tap into the analytics of Brave browser to prove a student watched a video lesson (perhaps there are simpler methods too). The “completed” status should not be something the student can just click without doing any work. The homework assignments could be marked completed by instructors and forum admins.

Don’t trust- verify. I’m sure there’s a blockchain solution to this. Blockchain can help strengthen claims to knowledge and experience gained through education.

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Hi there. Thanks for the sugggestion. I have forwarded your request to others. I was also informed that we have some reviews at trustpilot:

However I do think having a category for both feedback and suggestions for the academy is a great idea. I will see what I can do.

Thank you mayjer. :smiley: