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Wow, nice job Ivan! Glad you are moving here from Slack! I think forum is much better!


I agree my friend:) The Slack was a good experiment but I agree with you that a forum is a far better platform for us


Congrats on creating this forum! Brilliant ! How about having a ticker on the home PAGE… example, community members logged in, current Bitcoin price…stc…


good idea! will see how this can be done :slight_smile: glad you like it so far!

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BTW…great YouTube channel…keep up the great work in educating the crypto space!

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wondering if maybe this would be a sort of good space to introduce people here for asking about ICOs by injecting a crypto blogspot directly into an ICO website

I subscribed to your youtube also Ivan. I coded a coin from your tutorials. I will be subscribing to your tutorial lesson program now as I have not much funds but this is very important to me to learn and I see you are offering this course for $90.

Hi everyone, Looking forward to the course.

Hello it’s been a while since I’ve had other things to do. Hopefully I’m not the only one left in this course :wink:

Hi Ivan, I tookthe plunge and am on my first Blockchain 101. Looking forward to getting down the rabbit hole. Cheers Deet

Just finished Blockchain 101 and moving forward. Thank you Ivan.

I am taking a long time on the Eloquent JavaScript lesson… it will probably nullify any badges I was going to get ! … anyone else take a long time here ? I am NOT Eloquent yet !!! Bring back the times so many decades ago that I coded !!! Losing my Lesson/ Time ratio !!!

Hi everyone,

I recently signed up for the academy and I am posting here as I have not received an answer from my counselor yet.

I’m a physician from NY but have read a lot about economics/bitcoin and crypto over the past 10 years. But, I have no programming knowledge.

My goals:

  1. become a better trader, spot better projects to invest in
  2. ideally, combine healthcare and crypto…I don’t know, start a crypo project? coin? a way to merge the two and improve healthcare.

Anyone able to work together? What would the best courses be to help me?

Look forward to hearing from you

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Hey Ivan, where can I find the $50 link to to buy (CRO)?

Also with Swissborg am I right in understanding to benefit from zero fees, I just buy the CHSB token through the wealth app and hold for a period of time?

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Hi Ivan on Tech Academy people

Looking for a killer software engineer:

  • Have some banking/ payments/ wallets experience
  • Are from the MENA region (preferably Arabic speaker, but it’s not a must)
  • An appetite for the startup life
  • Interested in crypto and blockchain and understand the ecosystem

Hit me up and let’s chat


Ivan , what is the official time limit for completing the bootcamp course? I’m not sure I think I heard you say it could be 1 yr? could it be 2 yrs? is there a limit?https://forumtest.ivanontech.com/u/ivan

I’m sorry to bother you but I just wanted to make sure I did this right.
I added ERD to Uniswap V2 and the ticker icon came up but I got a message from uniswap stating that it may not be the actual address and so on. I got the address off of etherscan. I attached the address for confirmation.


Is this the correct address?

Thank you for your time.

Just finished reading agreement in order to download Metamask and was disappointed with the lack of security and wondered if that bothers anyone else?

Hi, i’m curious to know if anyone would be willing to share with the community what they re doing with this training as far as employment, a change in direction in life, and how it’s benefited them financially. I’m in “heath care” but tired of the delivery end of it. I’m looking for the exit, an found this blockchain and crypto space during the “plandemic.” Really hoping to make a move, and a big move where I can be more in control of my future finances and not reliant on a failing health care system with every increasing reductions in reimbursement and increasing regulations. I would appreciate any input, especially by those that have been here a while and have made positive changes in their life with this training. I’m all ears…
Thank in advance.

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