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What’s up Ivan and ICO interested people.

I’m interested in Bidao and Liberty.os ICO’s no surprise as I was introduced by Ivan a while back and have been following since.

Re. Bidao, I can’t assess the tech, that’s your job and I imagine Ivan wouldn’t be talking about Bidao tech unless it had potential.

I’m questioning the Bidao team and partnerships. I see they are young and smart and I like the co-founders. My question - do they have what it takes in terms of team and support / advise to be able to grow their tech and their business fast.

Any thoughts on Bidao team and what to expect over the next 1 year or so as their ICO ends and products get released on chain.

Re. Liberty.os I’ve very interested in their vision for a safe, smart and profitable OS and ultimately a crypto safe lap top. Again, this team looks and sounds incredibly smart and I’m wondering who knows about their partnerships and potential to drive deals and sustainable growth once their ICO ends and they have to get in the business of finalizing product development and offering it to the world. Also, what’s the realistic timeframe for founder Stephen’s vision for their os in hardware solutions?



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Hi, would be good to see a business plan or White paper, if there is any? 47% of ICOs launched in 2017 have significantly declined in value. I’ve been following INX as its going down the SEC route; and is one of the first ICOs to be launched using restrictive smart contracts with ERC 20 behind. Quite innovative it seems. Regards, Patrick

hi, I know this is a super old post but curious if you took the plunge with liberty and what you make of it?