Let’s discuss technical analysis, day trading, swing trading, market analysis, market psychology etc.


We need to have a place (a platform) that shows progress of many teams (coins) in 1 place.
For example - if Reeple are having new deals with new Banks, and same day Dash came out with their road map for ATM’s, and the day after it DentaCoin are getting some dentists on the moon -
As we’ve seen - all these progresses in these teams work - come 1 to 1 in their USD chart.

More over, CryptoMarket likes in a way “to move together”.
it wasnt just the Bitcoin to rise up when the whole media (at least in Israel) kept talking about all of sudden, explaining all this madness to the dumb wide open crowd,
but pretty much many got their value way higher.

Its like, imagine the whole Crypto-World just jumping together to a higher floor, and continuing with their life.

I really do believe, that what world has just seen with Bitcoin almost at 20K, is the power of globaly awareness to this phenomenon.

As i see it, Crypto Market is in a bit fall, but soon to end, and get even higher that it was couple of weeks ago



I am by no means an experienced trader.
I have recently read and started using stop-loss orders.I understand so far they help you keep a position and minimize your loses. However, it seems to me like a “bearish” tool.

Now with the current price swings all my stop loss orders so far have executed. So maybe I am not putting them far enough from the daily volatile price (at this moment about 5% below my entry price).

Now I am just looking to know, if people out there use them, and how; or if I should abandon them all together and go back to the enter-and-ride the wave.

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I have experienced the same thing. The wales move the market so all we can do is go for the ride (if we know where it’s going???), but trend is our friend.
Traders use what is called “wash and rinse” to take out stop losses.
I have no idea how to handle it. a question for Chris Bailey presenter of TA101.

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I’m using the BSI now but still lack the experience to interpret it. How does the BSI reflect market sentiment/emotion?
Volatility, Trends, Patterns, Volume, etc. portray the emotions of the herd in the market at that time. I just completed the TA course with Chris Bailey, just absolutely fabulous! I now think that I must build a strategy that’s specific for each trade at any given time…one size doesn’t fit all.
Where can I learn more about about trading strategies?
Man, it’s a steep learning curve!
Any thoughts an trading strategy?

hello, there is a course dedicated to TA and trading, search for it on all courses list. I´m starting the course right now :slight_smile:

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