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Ivan did a great video on the options and security issues with the various storage methods out there. See:



Hi I did something stupid any way out? I sent XBT to my ether wallet, but ether wallet doesn’t support XBT so where is my XBT now?

I have a bad feeling they’re gone. If you’re lucky, the transaction will be invalid and the crypto will return to your original wallet. Seeing how I’m answering this 14 hours after you posted it, if you don’t have them back by now you probably won’t get them back.

Thanks for your reply I realised I had actually sent the XBT to another exchange, they took over a week to arrive, I guess my gas was too low, but I did not see any option for gas setting as I sent from my qoinpro account to an exchange platform. From now on I’m logging every transaction on a note pad for my reference.