About the DeFi 201 category

DeFi 201 Course Intro:
After completing DeFi 101 a lot has happened in the DeFi space it seems that we are at the beginning of a parabolic explosion in growth of this parallel financial universe that we call DeFi. DeFi has unleashed an unstoppable wave of innovation full of exciting opportunities and will become a big part of our world economy.

Education and making people aware of the opportunities but also the risks of this new paralel financial universe gives me great pleasure and motivation to keep moving forward. During the DeFi 201 course we will explore together why DeFi is a paradigm shift in the financial industry and how it will contribute towards more robust and transparent financial infrastructure. We are going to explore/develop trustless versions of traditional financial instruments and we will see new financial instruments that would not have been possible without an underlying zero trust blockchain layer. At the end of this course you will be able to start your own Decentralized Hedge Fund and create your own yield hacking strategies with a good understanding of all underlying technology and principles of the Decentralized Financial ecosystem.

The main topics in this course will be: real-World Assets on blockchain, Liquidity pools, flash loans, decentralized derivatives, Yield Hacking, Decentralized hedge funds and we will discuss the current state of DeFi.

Instructor profile:
Amadeo Brands has a background in Computer Science & Economics and is an early crypto investor, who worked for the first crypto hedge fund in The Netherlands. To date, Amadeo is a Fundamental Analyst and Token Engineer with a passion for Decentralized Finance #DeFi while working as the CTO at EOI Digital, DotYeti. Besides his busy schedule he is also an ambassador for Maker DAO and runs the non-profit foundation BlockDevs Asia, where he educates about blockchain development and token economics in emerging economies such as the Philippines.

It is well enough that people do not understand the banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. The revolution has started and more and more people are learning about Decentralized finance #DeFi #Blockchain #Ethereum