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How can I do my profile?

Hello christineF you are already in the profile

I just watched the Business Course Introduction, and even though I don’t currently have any blockchain/software project management aspirations, I think I will learn a lot, and that the knowledge will translate to both better knowledge and general project management skills, which are always useful as all life and work are projects in progress.

I came here to the start of the Business Course forums, though, primarily to comment on how strange it was to see, a year into a global pandemic, Fillip and Ivan in the same room, at the same desk, sharing the same microphone. Yes, I know it was recorded in the before-times, and will be normal again, but it is still disorienting to me now.

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I will start the course now, I hope its not to hard. I saw your comment about pandemic times. And its so crazy that when we se a group of people together without masks we react. We see in a second that something is strange.


Glad to see you are enjoying the Academy :nerd_face:

Any question along your journey over this course please feel free to ask.

Keep it like that! :muscle:

If you have any more questions, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.

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Thank you. I will ask if I get in trouble :slight_smile:

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So I drop the first comment in 2021… :confused:
I think the course is splendid so far, BUT since 2018 things have moved quite rapidly and I did expect this to be more up to date. A bit disappointed to be honest. :thinking:

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Sadly a bit of true, is quite hard for us to keep the speed that is on how things are evolving so fast. The course still have a good package of knowledge on many IT areas that have not change that much, but the blockchain side is evolving so fast!.

We do plan to upgrade our courses, we already working on it, like the new Ethereum programming 101 & 201. So in time, we will also come to this one and update it! :nerd_face:

Carlos Z

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I need help getting back to my courses. I have not been on the last few weeks and I forget the webpage for the courses. Thanks in advance.

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Hey @Deen99, hope you are great.

Just go into the academy site, https://academy.moralis.io/

Then login with your user and you can find the Blockchain Business Masterclass in the “All Courses”

Carlos Z

Thanks Thecil,
I appreciate your kind help. Thanks again and have a wonderful 2022.


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I enjoy learning about the Blockchain business, but I am not ready to spend my money on courses. I want to create some kind of enterprise in the future, but I haven’t decided what I like the most. I am interested in both blockchain and web design and more. Maybe I’ll favor blockchain if I find my business strategy and good leaders. It’s also quite possible that I might prefer starting a web design agency with several teams of web designers, layout designers, and content makers, you know. I think it’s all going to be decided by chance. I’m doing both right now, but I don’t have a subordinate. What do you think of these two business activities?


This is the perfect space for us to come together, share insights, and explore the exciting world of blockchain technology.

It’s awesome to have this space to dive into the Blockchain Business Masterclass course. If you’ve got questions or want to connect with fellow students, you’re in the right place.
Blockchain is a fascinating field with so much to explore. Whether you’re new to it or already have some knowledge, this course is a great opportunity to deepen your understanding.
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