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No certificate after completion ?

I have the same question, except that additionally, Bitcoin 101 still appears under “Continue where you left off”, because it thinks I haven’t completed the course, but I’ve done everything.

If every step in the course is marked as completed, you should get an email with the certificate (pdf)

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Just received mine!! Awesome course and knowledge… Ethereum 101, here I go!

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how much time will it take, one or two days?
please check I also did not receive “certificate after completion”.

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Congratulations for completing the course. so some people didn’t get an email with the certificate? I will check it out

Did you checked your spam folder?

Hi. I will take care of it for you… is it blockchain & Bitcoin 101 you are missing?

If you experiance issues with the certificates in the future, just tell me and i’ll make sure you get it…

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yes, I did, but I have 2 or 3 emails in contacts, so email would not go there, also I received today “Ethereum 101” in inbox, so it is not going to spam folder…

Thanks Ivo, I will check later on … please search my email to support email if you can…

Hi, Fabrice! I’m interpreting this as a certificate is received upon completion of each course? Please advise.
I’m wondering, also, if there could be a clearer list from 1 to however number of assignments related to that course, so you can see, immediately, which assignments need to be completed.

Yes there is a certificate after completition.