About Hex again

Hello guys! I’m very new here. Need help.
I had (and still have) some btc on my Trezor in dec 2019. For some part of btc I bought eth this year.

I´d like to claim hex from these btc adresses but unfortunately I don´t menage it. would appreciate if somebody could give me some instruction or maybe a link to an easy instruction how to do this.

Thank you in advance!

@Dariusz follow the video as long as the BTC was in your account at the time of snap shot you can claim.

  • Go to he HEX CLAIM SITE (Get +10% HEX with this referred link)
  • Install METAMASK
  • Connect your Metamask to your HEX ACCOUNT
  • Go to CLAIM
  • Open your TREZOR wallet and copy your Bitcoin Address
  • Follow the detailed steps with IMAGES or in VIDEO

Gain an extra 10% on top of you claim by using my link https://hex.win/?r=0x4007595b42116E513F0C4610474CFA8c613E24B6

@Cy13erBob. Thank you very much for help! I will try with your instruction. Best regards!

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owner of hex has controversial background

Correct but don’t a lot of people?..

Richard Heart (real name: Richard J. Scheuler) was investigated by authorities in Panama for theft and extortion but not convicted.

Charlie Shrem - BitInstant, and is a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation. Jaxx and served as its chief operating officer, and founded cryptocurrency advisory CryptoIQ. sentenced to two years in prison for aiding and abetting the operation of an unlicensed money-transmitting business related to the Silk Road marketplace.

Roger Ver - BCash serving a 10-month prison sentence for illegally selling explosives, well (fireworks) which are clearly not a IED or C4 explosives, I personally think this conviction was a very harsh punishment.

Nicehash -CTO Skorjanec was previously found guilty on charges of distributing the malware in 2010. He served four years and ten months in Slovenian prison for the offense and looked very guilty when nice hash was hacked.

Justin Sun - The fraudulent competition, where participants had to follow Justin Sun and retweet the original post , was part of Sun’s plan to give away a US $20m airdrop among 88 winning participants, in addition to a top prize of a Tesla for one lucky winner. It now seems that the prizes, and maybe even the winners, were never real in the first place. Fraudulent behaviour against the community and the winner of the Tesla for reviews likes, comment and retweets for financial gain.

Craig Wright - Bitcoin SV (BSV aka Bitcoin Scam Version). Lies, deception and document fraud, the list is endless with this guy.

The list is endless. Always do your own investment research and just because someone as been investigated or convicted in the past does not always mean there intention is to scam you. Bottom line, don’t always be so quick to judge a book by its cover and do you own research, be your own judge and don’t be mislead by other people’s comments.


where you able to do it? did it work for you??

Thank you for interesting info. In my case it was just question about to claim the Hex from adresses that I had my btc on, so in this case I didn´t risk anything.

Anfortunately I didn’t manage to claim these hexs. I didn’t menage (after opening account on metamask to go farther from there. Sorry I’m not very advanced in all this.
I was traveling now and didn’t have enough time now, but next week I will try again and hope will have more luck to solve this.

I appreciate asking me.

Have nice time
Best regards

This is a fantastic reply.