A question of semantics? 'node' vs. 'ledger'

In this lesson, specifically in the video on “bitcoin and blockchain overview’ @ 6:12
I pinpointed a scramble in my brain regarding these two terms. I have heard of the term ‘node’ during my general learning of DeFi (specifically, I think when I was learning about staking). Are the terms ‘ledger’ and ‘node’ interchangeable? If not, what are the differences? How do they relate to each other?

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The node is usually called the software that runs the ledger.

So the node is the program, also called daemon that usually runs in the background and is responsible to sync the blockchain with other nodes in the network via P2P, verifies transactions and ensures their consensus; and accepts RPC commands for user interaction.
The ledger is the database that stores the transactions or the blockchain. :slight_smile: