A general criticism about the course

Hi, I love the course so far and I am about 75% through it. I loved the first half, it was thoroughly explained. A comment I would like to make is that the second half (so when we start programming on solidity) starts too abruptly. What I mean by this is we start programming on solidity but I still can’t really grasp what this means to “program on the blockchain”. It would have been nice if there was a detailed introduction about blockchain and then specifically, what is ethereum, what are smart contracts, what does it mean to program in solidity,… Also it would be good to get an explanation about how Github works. Other than this I love the course, all the videos are well explained, just not enough background information in the second part of the course regarding blockchain.

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I see what you mean, but in contrast I have already spent the first half of this year learning all of that. Maybe we could just have a page of links somewhere in these forums, because there are many places to start. …

I am only 40% through, as I get continually distracted. The biggest thing that would help me is (foolproof and safe) instructions how to use API to get trade notifications on half a dozen different exchanges, because if I’m about to start thinking about the next lesson or exercise my mind nags me with “what if any of those open orders I have have executed?” Then it takes me a long time to login and go through every exchange. I have used some API keys, more easily just for public market data, but I haven’t completed anything to check specific orders on specific exchanges.


There are a few videos where Ivan explains what GitHub is, how it works etc. Maybe including a list of links to those videos at the beginning of the second section would make sense?

About blockchain (and distributed systems more generally), there is a course called “Blockchain Fundamentals” by Ivan as well: https://ivanontech.teachable.com/p/blockchain-fundamentals

There is also a well-structured introductory course on Pluralsight: https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/bitcoin-decentralized-technology


I am taking the development course and about 50% through it now. I do like it and have enjoyed it so far, it is well organized and well thought out.

My only real criticism is more on my side than the course itself. The course is pointing me in to links and demos that are side tracking my progress. I am on the JavaScript section, but that is pointing me to the CS50 course from Harvard (and Yale!), taught by David J. Malan, which is in turn pointing me to the CS50 React.js course, which is in turn pointing me to the React Native course. Consequently, this is making the original course from Ivan taking a bit longer than I expected.

I haven’t even got to the Solidity or Smart Contract programming section yet, which is why I took the course in the first place. I am glad I am taking the main course, as it has opened my eyes to a much larger world than nip it in a weekend and be done with it.

Great job Ivan, keep up the great work.

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I looked for a course for real beginners and GitHub and so far the best one is this one: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRqwX-V7Uu6ZF9C0YMKuns9sLDzK6zoiV
It is easy to follow and now many things make sense to me

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