6 Real-World Blockchain Technology Use Case Applications You Can Bank On

I live in Taipei Taiwan. Want to get together with some great blockchain engineers. Anyone knows people who are doing blockchain here. Help me to get involved with their knowledge.
I would be very thankful for any help!!!

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That’s a good overview. The education applications need more attention, it’s hardly ever mentioned. Fintech, banking, voting, supply chain, and healthcare are quite commonly talked about but not education. It also follows that blockchain could be very useful as a record of work experience, career achievements, skills learned, etc. Such a system would also rely on some sort of identity protocol.

Hi Khash, This is Vincent. I came across your post and I am a registered student of Ivan’s academy since 2020 who also live in Taipei. Please contact me if you would like to put together great ideas or projects. Possible job possibility in my hand as well. email me at artcenter1@gmail.com