2 Month Blockchain Project Ideas

Hey everyone, I was hoping Ivan or someone here could have some input for me. I’m a software engineering student and this is my last semester. I want my capstone project to be something with blockchain. Does anyone have any ideas they could think of that might be a cool 2 month project? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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How about building a simple smart contract structure for a DAO? Either on Ethereum or EOS?


I agree with iwan.spilleben, a DAO can do great things and you can develop it by you own.

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Great idea, I think I’ll go that route. I think EOS would be cool to work with, but I think I’ll go with an Ethereum app and go with Solidity. Tackling C++ might be out of my scope for a two month project.


keep us posted on how it works out :slight_smile:



lets say you die Tomorow, whats happen with your ERC20 funds.

Problem you Funds locked and nobody have Access…

what if you create a smart contract, which give you access to your main fund account/s, and if this is not moving 5 years than the contract think you are Death, and send the Intire Funds to account Holders, which you can Setup in front. ( Like Wife, Kids, Parents )
i think the 5 Year rule is a good rule, but important is to educate your Familie arround you, so that they now whats happen if the Worst Case Szenario comes.

i am not 100% sure if this is possible, but you can try it. i think project is small enough for 2 Month

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