What projects to analyze on Github?

Simple Token (simpletoken.org) is interesting. Something akin to Aragon. Interview with the founder on the most recent episode of This Week in Startups was good.

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BitShares looks to extend the innovation of the blockchain to all industries that rely upon the internet to provide their services.
Whether its banking, stock exchanges, lotteries, voting, music, auctions or many others, a digital public ledger allows for the creation of distributed autonomous companies (or DACs) that provide better quality services at a fraction of the cost incurred by their more traditional, centralized counterparts.
The advent of DACs ushers in a new paradigm in organizational structure in which companies can run without any human management and under the control of an incorruptible set of business rules. These rules are encoded in publicly auditable open source software distributed across the computers of the companies’ shareholders, who effortlessly secure the company from arbitrary control.

Website: bitshares.org
GitHub: github.com/bitshares


Time for an update? Or at least linking any others that might have been covered but not linked here. I was wondering about ARK, because I have 100 tokens on Binance, and wondered whether the Ark project is viable and whether I should withdraw just the hundred I have or buy more. Ark has released multiple Client software updates this month. (Admittedly there are other projects, Cardano, NEO, Stellar, that I like more, but ARK and NEM(XEM) are two I’d like to see updates on.

Analyse the Trufield project, http://trufield.com. Because this humanitarian project is different from the topics you have discussed before, so it will give your audience a different perspective on how some projects are trying to solve real world problems using blockchain technology