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Hi on week 7 truffle compiler: using Atom unable to configure compiler version 0.5.12?. I am using 0.5.16 on truffle command prompt, only deploys initial migration.js on Ganache, unquoted networks and compilers on truffle config.js added 0.5.12 as requested still no joy, is it an issue with my Atom link? tried to fix this no luck, thanks

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Hello sir, I have moved your topic to the proper category, so the community can reach your questions easily.
Also, are you sure you are in the folder which contains all the contracts and the truffle-config.js?

Mine looks like this, im using a different version but does not matter, you should change it to the same that your contracts use.

If you have any more questions, please let us know so we can help you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Carlos Z.


Hi @Bdigger

Make sure to double check with my colleague @thecil suggested.

I can see that your contract is compiled, what you want to do is migrate it.

Run truffle migrate --reset.


Need assistance solving the error message.

Referring to the “ERC20 Coding” video.

“pragma solidity <=0.6.0 >0.8.0;”


"compilers: {

solc: {

  // version: "<=0.6.0 >0.8.0"

ERROR message:
“Source file requires different compiler version (current compiler is 0.8.6+commit.11564f7e.Emscripten.clang) - note that nightly builds are considered to be strictly less than the released version.”


Check this faq: FAQ - How do change truffle version

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