Kromatika.Finance $KROM



  • When doing swaps on Uniswap V3, the user pays what is called a swap fee that is: 0.05%, 0.3%, or 1%. When placing trades on KROMatika, the user does not pay a swap fee, but pays a service fee instead.
  • The swap fee depends on the amount being swapped, whereas the service fee is FIXED.
  • The actual service fee is paid in ETH since this is the real cost of the processing services (gas fee), however, the users always pay with KROM tokens.
  • KROM token allows for huge savings on the service fee, close to having a ZERO service fees.
  • Early KROM token holders would have HUGE savings on service fees because they would be buying the token cheap and pay the service fee (which is fixed ETH) when its token price has increased.

Hidden gem: Within the DAPP, the user can choose a lower target gas price for the automatic processing of their trades, even further lowering the service fee, sacrificing some processing speed for lower service fees.

KROMatika will be deployed on Layer2 (Arbitrum and Optimism) because of the lower gas cost.

The service fee on Layer 2 would be around 0.00002 ETH, expressed in KROM tokens. That’s 1 dollar cent for a service fee.

It could not get any cheaper. Well, it can…. go into earning instead of paying service fees …. and that’s to be discussed later on.

And last thing is that $KROM announced collaboration with a well-known Co with 500k+ members.
Official updates coming soon.