FlashLoans & Arbitrage

Guys, do you have a problem opening https://faucet.kovan.network/ ?

Hi @amadeobrands
Thanks for going in depth on all these arb opportunities and the DeFi courses.
Question: most of these forum posts are over a year old, and ETH rates are just stably high now compared to when you filmed DeFi 201. Where do you see the opportunities are now? Still on ETH network? or other? The network seems congested mots of the time.
I’ve been looking for some sort of graphing of Gas prices to look for best times to trade found this
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Im getting this weird error, i followed excatly same as in the video but still i got errors, any help?
Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 9.51.36 PM

Hi my transection id is https://ropsten.etherscan.io/tx/0xde6b5e380687689ba5fab1d421376c940de1ef10fb9517fcda2679d72461e361 I ran the code as the provided in defi 201 but its giving me that Error I dunno how to solve it

Hey @abdularham, hope you are ok.

Might be that you have to sent BAT to your contract also, If my memory does not fails me, you have to fund your contract with few ETH, DAI and BAT.


Carlos Z

Hi sir I wasn’t doing the arbitrage or anything It was just a flash loan script I also sent 1 eth and 150 dai to the contract to check but still it failed I changed the lending pool address as provided in aave market link for the ropsten I think i’m doing it on ropsten that’s why its giving me that error I dont have Keth in my wallet that’s why I can’t do it in kovan if you can send me some Keh Then I can give it a try

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The contract for the flashloan is deployed on kovan network, so you need to do it on kovan, I know that aave have a faucet (mentioned in the course).

Also you can ask for KETH using this guide:

Carlos Z

Thank you so much for your guidance I’ve successfully made the flashloans but now I want to try different loan providers like dydx, carve, and compound etc can you guide me on how to edit this code to get loan from other providers instead of aave? I’ll appreciate that :slight_smile:

Hi I want a Defi flashloan arbitrage bot that can generate 5 to 10$ a day I will pay for the source code if anyone is interested and can make me a bot like that please reply.

It looks like this forum is inactive, but I’ll try anyway. How do you know which environment to select when deploying the contract? What are the differences?

Timestamp: 12:51 - Basic Flashloans Part 2

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Hey @SustainableProfits, hope you are well.

SOrry but I do not understand your question, what do you mean with the environment?

Carlos Z

go to 12:51 in the video Defi 201

i have issue in my smart contract IERC20 token transferFrom my wallet to smart contract then i will use uniswap swap tokens to token it will fail the my execution kindly help me to resolve this issue i have been stuck last on week thanks. this is kovan transcation fail link.

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Transaction was reverted somewhere, check if you have require that is being triggered and its failing.

Also i suggest to use a error message for the requires, so when this kind of reverts happens, you have an idea on which one is failing:

require(amount <= balance, "Entered amount can't be higher than balance");

Carlos Z