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To quote Thomas Jefferson,

Paper money is liable to be abused, has been, is, and forever will be abused, in every country in which it is permitted.

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The Government is not allways on our favor. It will take you money is it is necessary. In order to justify nacional well been

Now you can see it all over again. Malinvestment of Big comapanies beeb help by the FED. and small businesses do not getting help.

I believe that the spending of money by certain Govt. agencies for the purchase of goods and services
from contractors and vendors in many cases appears to be a gross malinvestment of funds.

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Please open my eyes!

It would appear that Ben Bernake wasn’t very qualified to to sit as Chairman of the Federal Reserve if he isn’t aware of the history of money. :exploding_head:

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Government Money is different than actual money such as trading Gold, Silver or sea shells, which tends to hold no intrinsic value or devalues to 0 overtime; 100 years average.

In the last century, it is primarily issued by a Federal Reserve Bank, which basically - creates “money” out of thin air. It is then used to buy Government Bonds and other assets. It is also gives loans to Central Banks and other large institutions. These Central Banks loan it to smaller retail banks whom loan it to consumers and small businesses.

Often, Central Banks carry out monetary policy which can lead to over printing as they only increase but not decrease the flow of money. This over printing, eventually creates an surplus of this government money flowing into the economy and thus producing inflation.

Over printing and the decoupling from the Gold Standard, create a currency with little to now value in the long term, causing what Saifedean Ammous author: The Bitcoin Standard, calls “Time Peference” - as part of Austrian economics, explains that people will tend to spend their earning now, instead of saving for the future, since there will be no value in the currency in the future. This prevents consumers from the ability and the desire to save.

The latest products from the Central Banks, like the IMF, propose to devalue cash by creating two currencies; E-Money and Cash Money. Cash would loose value when traded back into E-Money so there would be little incentive to hold cash, as it would also be competing with Negative Interest Rates, where the Banks would pay consumers for holding E-Money.

  1. A ponzi scheme where you only hold their currency bag

I never understood how USA was capable of becoming the world reserve currency. How on earth did they succeed and what forces were at play back then, what information was suppressed? What “Fake” news was out back then??? I see how it plays out now… it must have been done with some kind of “coup” back then too…

… and there is nothing more permanent than a temporary government rule…


I’m gonna buy gold just for the sake of tradition. :rofl:

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Hi here

I am feeling a repetitive dance of - thanks to @cme because I really appreciate the summary of imperial stages - a celestial lesson to the humanity.

I love gold, luxuries, time, nature, health. These are wealth, or part of it.

I now discover governments that want to steal time from their citizens to lethally hypnotize them with shiny currencies. Worthless currencies!?

That Mister FED Ben Bernake - from video 13.7.2011 - spoke about tradition not only as explanation, and as justification, but as motivation to fool the mass.

Tell me if I am completely wrong. Maybe I missed something, because english is my third language. I feel lightly shocked. That is goog. I am ok.

If gold would not be money, and this would be real, by moving the perspective angle to the antipodes, it could be than real money is something like thoughts like joy, and love, you can share it, and only by sharing it, you get rewarded with more of it.
Like smiles
and regards.

I have a deep stuff that just happened in myself now. Real money seems to be immaterial, kind, social, respectful, empowering materialization of shared advance and human upgrades.

Maybe, phylosophy becomes a new talent, here.
Well, thank you for this amazing academy, each day is a new amazing experience of advance and I love this.

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Hi Marcus

Thanks for this perfect quote

Cheers CryptoUnicorns! :unicorn:

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Simply put, Government Money it is only good if there is good managers and hard principles. Otherwise it is currency, and that one, it is only good to exchange for money. :slight_smile:

Absolutely Golden, I always loved Dr. Ron Paul may he stay strong.

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Gold has a long history.

Government money is the currency issued to the public as a means of enabling trade, exchanging goods and providing services. The government has control over their issued money as they can expand and contract the supply as they wish and control people on how they should spend money issued to them as currency.

I never knew abt the exec order 6102.
EXTREMELY fucked up.
The more I learn abt the history of money… the more infuriated I become

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Governments have worked hard to stay afloat always viewing the masses as their “food”, their resource, fattening what they want to accomplish. The entire paradigm of the privileged utilizing whatever they wish to “lead” the world evolving their own standards that serve them is about to change thanks to the block chain and bitcoin. The idea of secrecy, requirements of special trust and all that surrounds the air of the centralized world is breaking apart due to the gift of the decentralized, trustless environment of bitcoin and the block chain. we are literally watching as the old breaks apart and the new is born through the rigorous travail of all those who have stood for such transparency and freedom for all. It is a wonder to be alive and experience this time in history. I am grateful that I am aware and here learning, buying crypto and making new friends. Our government is being required by our passionate response to itBcoin, Ethereum and other cryptos now to realign itself to our strongest desires. It must evolve and allow this new world to emerge. And of course they will fight to try to make it in the old worlds image, however, it won’t work. We will wait it out and will have made the world with greater opportunity. thanks for reading ~ I love reading others remarks and discussions.

totally guy!!! amazing to see, this course is awesome!