Creating Game & Admin Account - Discussion

Not really they never replied to me, although this is more an issue with their package, but I cant fix it by my own, we have to wait until they said something (but at these point, probably they will never answer me :frowning: )

Carlos Z

Hey @thecil

Thanks for the answer, I am not too familiar with Enjin, is it still worth learning?
Their own Docs are outdated, things broken and Support didn’t answer me either.
The Project sounds so nice though… and apart from those flaws its really fun.


I do like Enjin as a gaming blockchain platform, but has you said, the docs are outdated, support are not answering any question from their community, so basically its like being alone programming on enjin, kinda sad because the development kit does offer a lot to build a decent blockchain game.

Carlos Z

Hey @thecil
I’ve actually received an answer:

Hi there Edi! :) 
Thank you for contacting Enjin Support, it's much appreciated.
Would you be able to try and create a new identity for your project and link it to the Daemon instead of using the default linking identity provided when you create your account on the Enjin Platform? That should resolve the issue and allow you to proceed with the integration without further issues.
Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Best regards,

I’ve “tried” creating identities as below.

mutation {
		appId: 5679,
		email: "[email protected]",
		ethAddress: "0xc22E6E19905d2Abeaa07A567f5E3a9df2314294C"
  ) {

I’ve received a result

  "data": {
    "CreateEnjinIdentity": {
      "id": 19261

but when querying EnjinIdentities only my original Identity shows up. Am I missing something?

Could someone at Moralis please help me? I am having trouble linking my Daemon wallet to the Enjin platform/cloud. I keep getting the following error:

Dear Moralis, you guys should probably remove this course since nobody seems to be able to move beyond the issue of lack of Enjin support, outdated docs, etc. I’m going to abandon this course because I can’t resolve my issue (unable to link Deamon wallet to the Enjin Platform). Too bad.

@filip Does Enjin Support BSC tokens?

The link provided in the lecture is not valid anymore, and it redirected me to Is it right to proceed with Goerli instead?

The problem I’m facing is, I cannot create a project, despite typing random Project name. Please see the screenshot below. Hoping someone can help. Thanks :pray:

Unsure if it’s a temporary issue on their end. I have sent an email to Enjin support and hope they’ll give an answer.