Coinmarketcap API

Hi @ian,

Ah yes, ‘Kline’.
That one had me going; I call it K-Line as in ‘kandlestick line’.
Bit of a stretch, but hey…

Hopefully, you can find a nice helper library or two on github for the exchanges and/or apis you’re using, and programming language.

An immense help, when choosing a library, is to look at the unit test code.
Test code usually provides a great head start; also, unit tests mean that the library is generally of high quality.
Unit test code can be quickly incorporated/adapted into your application.

I’m a C# dev, so for me, it’s pretty quick and easy to whip up a dotnet core service application and get straight into coding the Fun Stuff.
Unfortunately, I’ve never used Python, so anything I know is only hearsay.
Which, by all accounts, Python is a powerful programming language with similar abstractions to C#.

Anyway, all code has been written before; it’s just a matter of finding and adapting it.
One of the greatest resource for any coder is:

I’ve found a website with a detailed guide to implement the coinmarketcap API. Have a look here and tell me if you could resolve your problem:

coinmarketcap is starting to charge for api. Consider using CoinGecko api instead:

Coingecko is free, seems reliable and is getting more and more traction, thus I’d like to connect to their API.

To get started, would you have a code example to share, reference links, etc.? Thanks,