Bitcoin Attacks that Might be a problem - Discussion

In addition to the types of attacks discussed in this section (sybil attacks, packet sniffing, unencrypted wallets, etc.), are there any other bitcoin attacks that might pose problems for their users? If so, could you name some?



I suspect it’s more or less like it’s in the real world. Usually you don’t wanna exactly tell how wealthy you are, especially if you’re really rich. I could imagine people might start to expect you to treat them a drink, or help a friend financially (out of the bounds of what you’re comfortable to), or in the worst case scenario, they could threaten you.

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Any similar information for other blockchains?

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Bitcoin block size and security

Hi Ivan and everybody,

Just wondering if you’ve come across this recent tweet:

I could not quite comprehend the argument in this tweet. I think it has something to do with BTC halving, incentivizing miners, and retaining enough miners to maintain security. Especially, I had a hard time understanding how block size, value of BTC, functions of BTC, and incentives for miners are related to each other. Could you maybe shed some light on the issues and how probable this rather doomed depiction of BTC’s future is?

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